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Missouri Archery Aluminum Shaft Size

Missouri Archery Aluminum Shaft Size


Wrap Size Chart

If You Do Not See The Size Available In The Wrap

Selection, Please Note It In The Comments Section

When Ordering.

We will Build Them To The Size You Need.

Aluminum Shaft Width Size

12xx All .65 inch
14xx All .75 inch
15xx All .8 inch
16xx All .85 inch
17xx All .9 inch
18xx All .95 inch
19xx All 1 inch
20xx All 1.05 inch
21xx All 1.125 inch
22xx All 1.125 inch
23xx All 1.25 inch
24xx All 1.25 inch
25xx All 1.325 inch
26xx All 1.325 inch
27xx All 1.4 inch

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